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IT Outsourcing / Nearshoring services

Build your dedicated software development teams in Mexico, and gain business advantages for your house team and the entire company by utilizing the skills of our talented programmers and IT specialists, as well as years of experience developed in IT projects for clients from all over the world. Improve your software development project with us and polish up your skills thanks to the expert knowledge and support of our dedicated development teams.

Let us help you Reduce your Software developing cost considerably, in the same time zone.

Professional Consulting Services and Turnkey Tailored Software Solutions

One of our strengths is our ability to understand and therefore work to develop the needs of our customers by defining them, that is emulation. We believe that not only the successful development of SW to measure is to know programming, what makes us different is the ability to understand what the end user requires and what is that the workflow process requires. By doing this we can properly and timely identify business rules, which we translate into the systems we develop. This helps our customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity. And by doing this we also manage to make things more transparent.


IT Outsourcing / Nearshoring services

The nearshore business model has become one of the most effective ways for US-based companies to source high-end development services at an incredibly-affordable rate.

Business Inteligence

Integrates as a solution the storage and processing of massive amounts of data and information to transform it into knowledge and decisions in real time.

Financial Sector Services

We provide services to the private sector and government; due to our experience we know their needs.

Portafolio Management

We are leaders in portfolio management services out-of-court collections (Mexico and the United States) and management services in Mexico.

Digitalization and Certification

Convert your official documents into digital files with certificate and legal value to manage your information in a safe and efficient way.

Support Call Center

We have a customer service, support, and software maintenance center, fully bilingual in Spanish and English.

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NEZTER's Mission is to satisfy the technology and information systems needs of its clients and create value for its shareholders, employees and other key audiences, consolidating itself as the most efficient and profitable solutions company for the financial and real estate sector in Mexico. At NEZTER, to achieve our Mission, we contribute with our clients to the solution to their needs, providing instruments that streamline their operations and consolidating value-added services, growing and positioning ourselves nationally as the best option for our stakeholders within the financial and real estate.

Our Values

At NEZTER we seek excellence in our results and forge lasting relationships based on trust, by intensely living our essential values of Collaboration, Integrity and Leadership.

Collaboration: Joining the efforts of others, contributing the best of ourselves, to obtain excellent results.

Integrity: Always act with honesty, responsibility and respect.

Leadership: Visualize the future and direct efforts towards excellence in service and competitiveness.


To be national leaders in the search and application of unique methodologies and approaches, which facilitate a deep perspective in real estate products, services and advice, supported by human talent, innovation and technology.

Our team

Satisfied clients

There are currently companies on the Private sector as well as the Public Sector, Financial Institutions, among others, that already use some of the Nezter Systems, within which they are found.

Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal
First American Title Insurance
Gmac Real Estate
Silvergate Bank
Deutsche Bank
Fidelity National Title Insurance
Aon Risk Services
GE Money
Nova Home Loans
Lehman Brothers
Gobierno Federal
Gobiernos Estatales
Notarios Públicos
Administradores de Cartera
Citigroup Inc.
Deutsche Bank
Fidelity National Title Insurance
Aon Risk Services


NatsBerry is a FREE application that works as a digital recipe book, with a weekly planner that automatically converts weekly menus into a grocery list. Clients may pay online and get all ingredients and products delivered by our partners/groceries stores).


It is an APP that registers an event through one or several photographs taken in a specific place and time, through the use of mobile devices that validate location and time where the photograph is taken by the mobile device GPS functionality. Has the functionality to create and fill out surveys on site and exploit the data on the web based platform.

Digital Office System

An online tool that establishes the bases for managing, monitoring and integrating internal and external circulation of documents in the same technological platform through the Internet on real time.

It allows the sending, reception, and follow-up of official documents generated within the Institution (memos, official letters, information cards, circulars, announcements, etc.); and received from other external bodies. n.

Administers digital copies signed by electronic signature and with automated acknowledgment of receipt, allowing the institution to operate as a PAPER-FREE OFFICE. Through the use of electronic signatures by defined users, it is possible to approve and sign documents generated in the system. The electronic signature processed before the SAT is a secure and encrypted file which, due to its characteristics, is secure and guarantees the identity, as well as having the validity of an autograph signing. Through the detail of the document, the system provides the opportunity to generate a digital acknowledgment of receipt - using the same function of the "citation" in "WhatsApp" for recipients of the document.

It allows to assign work instructions and schedule specific tasks through reminders to attend the conclusion of a document. Establishes the basis for marking the conclusion of an assignment. It allows assistants and secretaries to track specific documents addressed to their superiors.

It takes the user by hand relying on various alarms and notifications fully configurable, pushing at all times the process to achieve effective communication. It keeps the actors involved in the activity informed, stimulating an atmosphere of coordination and linkage in the management of information.

Asset Management System

Asset Management System. It allows the monitoring of loans, credits, real estate and other form of valuable assets. From its quotation, creation, application, tasks, management, taxes, duties, contracts, interests, payments, and any management task involved or related to the assets involved.

Business Intelligence System

System for the creation of business intelligence dashboards. Connects to different enterprise data sources and displays information on dashboards that aid traffic light-based exclusion analysis.

Appraisal System

System for the creation and management of real estate appraisals. It allows the monitoring of the process from the moment the interested party requests the appraisal, going through each of the stages of the process, up to the generation and delivery of the appraisal. It keeps time and performance statistics for each activity and person involved.

Closing System

Digital platform for creation of documents and contracts relating to loan origination and closing process. It allows process monitoring of the process from the moment the interested party requests the origination/closing, through each of the stages of the process, to the generation and delivery of the final document. It keeps time and performance statistics for each activity and person involved.

Work Progress Control System and Ministrations

Its primary objective is to control the ministrations provided by the progress made on site by the contractor. From the beginning, the deliverables are established in each work progress, for the liberation of each ministry.

Closing System

Platofrm for the management of current, defaulting and/or judicial loans or credit. It allows the monitoring of the credit collection cycle in all its stages:

  • Current or defaulting credit: Follow-up of collection management, incidences, control and standardization of communication.
  • Judicial: Follow-up of the procedural stages, integrating the judicial file. Control, monitoring and management for firms and agencies hired for collection purposes.

Field Asset Management

It consists of a web-type computer system, with responsive functionality developed to solve the specific issue and complemented with a mobile application for fieldwork. It is a tool that will mainly allow the administration and control of documentation in digital files of rights on real estate property owned by the Client, subsidiaries or affiliates. The tool also allows the complete automation of the process of acquisition, processing of permits and regularization of real estate rights and easements (such as "Rights of Way"), through the various departments involved and their reports.

Closing System

The system allows to create a register of people who have pledged to vote for the congresswoman. During the visits made by the promoters to the voters in their homes, they will be able registering the contact details of the voters convinced to grant their suffrage to the deputy.

If the sympathizer has been previously benefited with some support from the congresswoman or, if it is part of the current register of promoted people, the system allows updatating data and will consider it as part of the register of convinced voters when a copy of their credential is integrated to vote (by both sides).

If the sympathizer is not in the current register, it is possible to capture all the necessary data and add it to the register of convinced voters.

The promoter can visualize the progress of his weekly and total goals. You can also compare your performance with other promoters (ranking).

The system has tracking boards for decision-making. Quickly and easily, you will be able to visualize the progress of the promotional campaign.

This system is operated through any Android device with internet access, in the case of promoters. Any web browser with restricted and secure access can be used to view results and audit progress.

Ballot Box Assistance Tracking System

Using the registry of convinced voters created in the system of registration and monitoring of the promotional campaign, the system allows registering attendance at the polling place during election day.

The system has dashboards that notify how many convinced voters are missing to show up at the polling place and send alerts to the respective promoter.

The system allows you to record the result recorded in the minutes of the closing of the box. This result feeds in real time to the control panels that allow knowing the result of each box.

During Election Day, in the box, you can use the system using an application for Android devices which should preferably have Internet access. The control panels can be visible through the browser and have restricted and secure access.

Sistema de Gestión de Acción Social "SIGA" (Social Action Management System)

The Social Action Management System (SIGA) is a technological tool that facilitates the activities of a social actor or activist, from the integration of a single register of beneficiaries, delivery of support to the audit of the daily work of promotion brigades.


  • Applications (Register):
    Bank of information on beneficiaries, with the socio-economic situation, geo-referenced location and supporting documentation.
  • News A compendium of publications and news that provides first-hand information on the perception of society at a given time in a given geographical area.
  • Agenda Strategic agenda from which you can manage the times and places to assist and coordinate with other social agendas, policies, media, among others.


  • It creates performance indicators with real-time information for decision-making.
  • Information Cards: Integrate all the information you require into an information card easily and timely.
  • Promotion brigades: It registers, controls, validates and audits the activities of promoters, managers, and employees in the field, generating statistics from the information of the beneficiaries.

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