About us

Nezter is dedicated to providing services to the financial and real estate sector. We rely on technological tools such as the application of the agile methodologies developed by our own professionals, hand in hand with technological advances, we strive to provide efficiency and results optimization.

We offer a wide range of benefits and solution by applying the automation of processes and also controlling them, we have also created and tailored systems to each one of our customers. All our systems are fully compatible and are accessible on line and we also provide access to concise information in real time.

We also have a customer service center, that provides support and software maintenance, fully bilingual in Spanish and English (Call Center). We provide services to private enterprises and institutions and also government. Our experience fully understands your needs, we promote expedient and reliable decision making.

We are also leaders in providing credit portfolio management services, collection services (Mexico and the United States) and business agency services in Mexico.