Who we are?

NEZTER SOLUTIONS is an established IT services company that has development facilities in Hermosillo, Mexico. Our expertise lies in custom software solutions, IT consulting and IT outsourcing services. Among the specific strengths are a combination between technology implementation and business rules.

Our team of web application development experts align themselves to the latest methodologies thereby ensuring a process-driven approach that accelerates delivery of projects.

Our strong and diverse portfolio includes web applications developed using different technologies including Microsoft ASP.NET / C#, PHP, Java, Ajax, on whole set new standards for web development HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for enhancing the process of customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product, for different verticals like:

  1. Banking and Financial Services
  2. Retail
  3. Utilities
  4. Travel.
  5. E-Learning

Product-Centric Development Model

Using Lean and Agile Development principles adopted for Enterprise, NEZTER delivers high-value software applications consistently every 2-4 weeks, providing a distinct competitive advantage for our clients.

Culture Of Business Involvement

Client-driven iterative development lets the client steer projects, iteration by iteration, addressing what they determine to be of the highest value to them. Clients adapt and plan the choice for the next iteration based on their latest insight, rather than speculatively at the start of the Agile Software project. The customer has ongoing control and choice, as fresh information arises. This approach helps foster stronger client relationships by acknowledging missteps early, correcting them immediately, and building and sharing business knowledge through teamwork.

Team Experience And Performance

NEZTER has 30+ Agile Practitioners who are actively involved in our Agile software development methods. NEZTER’s approach is based on hosting highly productive, self-organized, and collaborative teams working in flexible and transparent process frameworks and using effective working infrastructure. Agile methodology emphasizes minimal hierarchy and administrative overhead. Teams own the process and work collaboratively in a culture of regular and open communications and continuous performance improvements via mandatory retrospections and process experiments.

Software Development Services

Software Formulation and Development

Our conceptualization and development team focuses on executing the development guidelines with additive releases of quality software. We offer following services under new software development category:

  1. Ideation.
  2. Planning and Architecture.
  3. Design, Development and Testing.
  4. Product Release.
  5. 3rd Party Software Consolidation.

Software Re-Engineering

Even the best rated software needs time-to-time modernization to incorporate with modern technology and features. We assist clients to switch their legacy software solutions to latest technology paradigms like Cloud, SaaS and Mobility. We offer:

  1. UI Modernization.
  2. Internationalization and Localization.
  3. Software Performance Modernization.
  4. Software Security Strengthening.

Software QA and Testing

Our independent QA and Testing team performs comprehensive software testing, taking full responsibility for the people, processes and technology. Our QA services include:

  1. Performance Testing.
  2. Regression Testing.
  3. Dedicated Testing Team.
  4. Test Automation.

Software Maintenance and Support (Call Center)

Our software maintenance and support services can keep your organization loaded and updated with latest technological upgrades thereby improving organizational efficiency. Our team ensures quality and timely releases. Our services include:

  1. Software Maintenance Services.
  2. Software Support Services.
  3. Software Sunset, Integration and Migration Services.
  4. Software Enhancement Services.

Technology Consulting

From strategy to implementation, we deliver technological solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline global operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Application Services

Web Application Development

Responsive Web Design

UI Design (User Interface Design)

UX Design (User Experience Design)

Front End Development

Motion Graphic

Technology Expertise

Microsoft .NET
Java Script
Microsoft Windows

Industries and Clients

  1. Performance Testing.
  2. Regression Testing.
  3. Dedicated Testing Team.
  4. Test Automation.
  5. Performance Testing.
  6. Regression Testing.
  7. Dedicated Testing Team.
  1. Test Automation.
  2. Performance Testing.
  3. Regression Testing.
  4. Performance Testing.
  5. Regression Testing.
  6. Dedicated Testing Team.
  7. Test Automation.
  1. Performance Testing.
  2. Regression Testing.
  3. Dedicated Testing Team.
  4. Test Automation.
  5. Performance Testing.
  6. Regression Testing.

Nezter Solutions Key Benefits

Cost Factor - The sole purpose of IT outsourcing is to reduce the labor cost. If a USA based company requires to hire a software developer, it can cost them approx $60 to $80 per hour.

Summarized below are relative salaries for junior software engineers/ web developers with 1-4 years experience. The cost of these resources is a primary component in a country's cost competitiveness in the information technology sector.

Chart Key Benefits

Business Value Driven Prioritization – With Agile development, software functionality is prioritized and delivered according to the business value outlined by the company, enabling a faster realization of benefits and results.

“DONE” Results Only – Developed functionality is regularly demonstrated during the project life cycle and is only accepted when all conditions meet previously outlined benchmarks for completion.

Addressing Project Delivery Risks Quickly – Shorter delivery cycles and reduced batch complexity associated with Agile development enable project risks to be easily revealed and quickly eliminated to meet the rapidly changing demand of the market.

Full Client Control of the Project – Operational transparency combined with the iteration-based delivery feature guarantee a fully functional system at all times during the Agile engagement. This helps keep the client in full control of the project and enables stakeholders to painlessly change project scope and delivery milestones at any given time. It even allows for money-saving early project termination, should market conditions warrant.

Cost Loss Reduction - Due to the reduction of batch delays and the complexity of requirements, the Agile development approach enables enterprises to decrease the instances of cost losses during the software development process.

Secure Infrastructure - Here at NEZTER we understand customers’ risk factors, that is why we provide a secure infrastructure in place and provide Intellectual property security as well.

Time Zone and Location

Located 180 miles form the Mexico and United States border line and 250 miles form the Tucson International Airport, it gives us a great advantage from our competitors. Not only are we on the same Time Zone, but we are a short commute compare to other offshore companies.

Hermosillo has daily flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix and Mexico City, making it very easy to access it.

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